Linus Roadster Classic

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This stripped down, elegant ride is the bicycle in its purest form

A simple, clean profile inspired by French and Italian cinema from the 50’s and 60’s.

Don't fall for cheaper lookalikes, the quality just isn't there. Here's a bike that will go the distance, down the road and through the years!

The out-of-the-box bicycle can also serve as a classic "canvas" for customising. We specialise in customising our bicycles for an individual take on a given style, or even totally re-styling them for a whole new look. Let us know what you're looking for, or let our imagination run loose and see if we can't pleasantly surprise you!

This link illustrates what difference a simple make-over can achieve - flipped bars, 40mm tyres, Brooks B17 & Velo-Orange guards and it's a new machine.