Surly Knard 29 x 3.0

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The Knard is of a slightly different ilk. The one you are currently viewing is 3" wide and designed for an extra wide 29" (622mm ETRTO) rim. This is not just a 29˝ tire, though, it's 29+, so dubbed by Surly to illustrate that it offers you more than just more cushion for the pushin'. 29+ offers a lot. The (almost but not quite) 31" diameter smooths uneven ground, the increased volume adds a bit of suspension, the width increases traction, and the sheer size holds speed well. Singletrack beware. Bushes, prepare to be whacked.

The Knard’s block tread has been carefully researched, designed, and tested. The profile is shaped just slightly eggy to maximize traction on corners while keeping rolling resistance low on straightaways, with an unnoticeable transition between the two. The casing provides a malleable but firm platform, surprisingly adjustable by adding or releasing a pound or two of air pressure. All of which allow a unique balance of inertia, traction and float. The 29" Knard is designed to work best with Surly's 50mm Rabbit Hole rim and Krampus frame, but will also play nicely with rims down to about 35mm. Your frame must have clearance Clarence, but many forks already do, give it a try!


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