All-City Big Block

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Colours:Metallic Red/White


The Big Block track frameset represents All City's vision of the ideal track frame for the modern fixed gear rider. This is the bike that they always dreamed of building and are proud to make that dream available to you. It soaks up bumps, sprints like mad, and begs to be ridden hard. Ride it on the street or take it to the boards, the Big Block will hold up it’s end of the deal wherever you choose to ride it.

While the Big Block was designed first and foremost as a true competition ready track frame, some tweaks were made to the formula to make sure that this beast could handle everything encountered during the course of every day riding. Unlike other track bikes, the Big Block doesn’t suffer from toe overlap or pedal strike, even when riding with 175mm cranks. Instead of the usual 25mm max tire clearance you can stuff 32mm cross tires in it and it’s got a single set of bottle mounts so it can be ridden year round, off-road and far. When we say it was designed for the modern fixed gear rider, this is what we mean. None of the handling and geometry of a pure track bike has been sacrificed, but added the ability to do more. If you are the type of person who rides fixed everywhere, the Big Block is your new best bud.

Custom head tube badge, signature dropouts, subtle graphics and timeless style. Each piece of tubing on every frame size has been carefully scrutinized and specifically chosen to create the best feel possible. Each size frame has been evaluated for optimum tubing butt placements, diameter, and wall thickness. Attention to detail is All City's mantra, and it shows in every aspect of this meticulously designed and beautifully constructed ride.

Talk to us about a custome build, or if you're in a hurry, also available as a complete build.



Frame: 100% full 4130 ChroMoly steel. Double butted down, top, and seat tubes. Externally tapered, ovalized, and dimpled chain stays, tapered seat stays

Fork: 100% 4130 ChroMoly tapered fork blades, lugged crown and matching dropout

Traditional track geometry: This bike was built for the boards. It features the steep angles and quick handling that you’d expect from a traditional track bike. It is 100% UCI track legal and would make an excellent classic velodrome racer.

Tyre clearance: Check that fork crown and subtle dimple on the chain stays, you’ve got all the clearance you need without the ugliness of big open spaces. Space for 32mm’s if you’re so inclined.

Steel tubing: Steel remains the preferred material for those who appreciate ride quality. It is the benchmark that all other frame materials are compared to for good reason, nothing matches its ride, fatigue life, or affordability.

Signature Dropouts: Investment cast from stainless steel, featuring built in chain tensioners, and the timeless Hennepin Bridge icon.