Velo Orange Porteur Handlebar

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Colours:polished silver


A favourite at Velo-Ideale, these bars are great for restoring a classic sports or vintage roadster cycle, or re-purposing a 1970’s “10-speed", an 80’s MTB, etc.

Also excellent for building up a Surly Cross-Check , Pacer  or Steamroller, Salsa Casseroll or Vaya, All-City Big Block or Civia Prospect  

The quality and polishing are very nice. The gentle transition from the grip to the to the curve harks back to the elegance of the golden era of production bicycles from the 1920’s and 30’s between the great wars.
These bars are available in two tubing diameters, 23.8mm road sized and 22.2mm mountain-bike- sized (clamp area is 25.4mm on both)


width: 48cm
grip area:13cm
rise (or drop): 15mm
handlebar clamp dia: 25.4mm

• 22.2mm (MTB-size) bars accept MTB brake levers and clamp-on shifters. They do not work with bar-end shifters. The only inverse levers that work are Dia Compe levers in the 22.2mm size.

• 23.8mm (road-size) bars accept standard inverse brake levers, standard bar-end shifters, and 23.8mm city brake levers. In short, anything made for road bars fits. They do not accept MTB levers or shifters.