Civia Twin City Mixte 7-Speed

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The simplicity of the Civia Twin City bike encourages you to get out of your car and onto your bike. It’s perfect for cruising around town or going to the coffee shop. The integrated rear rack is great for running errands, and we also sell baskets and bags to makes travelling with your shopping/stuff simple and worry free. The internally geared hub means maintenance is a breeze, and the quiet ride lets you fully engage with the culture and community around you.

And while we wouldn't recommend the Twin City for expedition touring, it's well equipped for light multi-day tours, including smooth cycle trails. While they have their place, you don't need knobbly tyres and mechanical suspension for most of these trails :)

Size Guide:

Small Step Through: 5'0" — 5'4"
Medium Step Through: 5'4" — 5'11"

Are you comfortably dressed? Yes? Then good, go ride your bicycle :-)
For generations, humans around the world have managed all kinds of bicycle rides in all kinds of clothing. Your grandparents and great-grandparents cycled to to the office/factory/school/farm/etc. in their day clothes. No special clothing requirements.
While lycra has it's place for endurance and competition work, don't let anyone tell you you need it, or any other special clothing for a simple bicycle ride.

When you were seven, did you wear special clothes to ride your bicycle? Were you concerned about the bicycle's weight or how many gears it had? What changed?
Be seven years old again, hey it's just a bicycle!


Full Mudgaurds (colour-matched to the frame colour - not shown in the main image)
Front Brake -  Tektro Linear Pull
Rear Brake - Shimano roller brake
Rear Hub - Shimano 7-speed Nexus
Rims - Alex aluminium
Seatpost - 27.2 x 350mm
Tyres - Kenda Kwest 700c x 35mm