WTB Trailblazer TCS 650B+ 2.8

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Small enough to sneak its way into existing 29" frames yet voluptuous enough to give the supple bounce fat tyres are famous for, WTB's plus size model splits the middle in a sneaky, 2.8" 650B/27.5" size. The Trailblazer uses a fast centerline for drag-free speed and square side blocks to hang onto off camber trail and steeps.
All around winner? We think so. Available only in a TCS tubeless option to properly benefit from enhanced volume.
Tyre for big kid shreddin' with plus sized grinnin'.

Although not listed yet, we also have 650B/27.5 x 3.25" Trax Fattys from Vee Rubber, along with Velocity Blunt 35mm and Stan's Hugo 50mm rims to suit these "mid-fat" tyres. Ask us about complete wheel options too


Weight: approx. 895g
Dimension: 27.5 x 2.85" (60mm wide casing, 67mm side knobs)
Carcass: 60tpi