Various Road Drop Handlebars

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Colours:black, silver


These handlebars are NOS take-offs from new bicycel builds. Most are black and have the anatomical bend below the brake lever mounting position.

There may be some (easily removed) tape residue

They're unbranded but the manufacturer stamps on the ends of the bars lead us to believe they're made by Hsin Lung, the leading OEM handlebar mfr. in Taiwan. Statistically the handlebars on you bicycle(s) are likely to be from Hsin Lung.

Great for a re-build or cheap insurance against the cost/pain of dental treatment or a facial re-build if you bicycle has been in a crash or the bars are just getting old !

Check our Velo Orange Grand Cru and Daija Component brands if you're looking for even more traditional silver drop bars.

Don't forget the Tressorex Cloth Bar Tape for the finishing touch


widths: 42 & 44cm - measured centre-centre
stem clamp dia: 25.4 & 26.0mm

we have shims available to fit 25.4mm bars to 26.0mm stem, but you can do the same easily and safely with drink can stock if you're careful