Velo Orange Daija

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Colours:black, silver


The Dajia Far Bar is an affordable off road drop bar. VO tested these on their Piolets and found them very comfortable for off road riding and touring. With off road drop bars, most riders have the bars set up at the same height as they would have flat bars set to. Most of the time you are riding, your hands are on the hoods of the brake levers. We tend to run them with the top portion parallel with the ground. For steep descents, you can put your butt back behind the saddle and use the drops to get a better grip on the brake levers. You can run brifters or standard road brake levers on them and use bar end shifters as well.

Dirt Drops were popularised for off-road cycling by WTB many moons ago and although a niche bar set-up, they've never really disappeared, with further iterations appearing from Specialized, On-One & Salsa, to name a few.


reach: 76mm
drop: 110mm 
flare: 21º
overall width - 44cm: 585mm,  48cm: 620mm
stem clamp dia: 31.8mm
lever clamp dia: 23.8mm (drop bar road standard)
weight: 292g