CST -Cheng Shin Tyre Captain 650b 44mm Tyre

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A brillant tyre for the price. While it's no Panaracer made Grand Bois Hetre or Compass Babyshoe Pass, it still has a supple sidewall for good  and low resistance rolling and at 1/5 the price!
And remember, the greater the tyre volume, the less pressure required for a given load. As tyre volume increases, so does the capacity for shock absorption, both of obviouse bumps as well as those constant small shock that would delivre fatiguing high frequency shocks with tyres at high pressures.

Remember too that although a bigger tyre may be heavier than than a small tyre (big deal!), it has a lower rolling resistance for the same construction.

Talk to us about 650b conversions to your bicycle with 700c tyres. We have many tyre (CST, Hutchison, Michelin, Panaracer, Schwalbe), rim (Velocity, Alesa, Ryde) and brake (Tektro R365 and R559's) options to effect such conversions. Among new bicycles, the Salsa Casseroll, Surly Disc Trucker and Pacer, some Somas and many others are all good candidates.