Bafang Trekker 13Ah Electric Assist Drive Kit

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Are you wanting to commute to work in normal clothes and not raise a sweat, get up those hills where fitness, age or disability are holding you back, level the playing field when riding with others of varying abilities, go further with less effort, etc.

The Trekker system is the perfect fast commute, technical trail riding, or a touring upgrade. It works well on bicycles with internal hub gears or derailleur gearing. The geared mid-mount motor drives through the bikes gears, making the very most of the 300W motor and giving very high climbing torque and fantastic top speed. You can easliy change the output to suit your riding style, confidence level and range requirements. With it's very smooth power delivery, regardless of the power level setting, the bicycle will never "get away on you", as the output is conditional on your pedal input.

The high quality battery is good for many hundred of charge cycles, until many cheap batteries with no-name cells. And the running costs are negligible, with each charge costing only a few cents!

The Bafang mid-drive continues to become increasing popular as an efficient, quiet, smooth and reliable system. The fitting requires no modification to your bicycle, so you can transfer it to another machine, should your requirements or tastes change.
Nor are you locked into a proprietary bicycle brand's system that may be obsolete in a coupe of years, causing difficuly with spares and servicing.

If you want electric assist, but don't have a donor bicycle, this kit allows you to choose almost any style of bicycle for adapting to elecric assist, without being limited to the relatively narrow range of out-of-the-box electric bicycle styles.
Our first Bafang conversions in 2013 were on Pashley Princesses, which maintained the Pashley's classic looks with the unobtrusive addtions, resulting in a stylish blend of the classic and modern.

The nearly universal retro-fit replaces your current crankset with the Bafang integrated motor/controller/gearbox/crank unit.
While there is a throttle included with the kit, many opt to omit this from the conversion, encouraging themselves to maintain their pedalling and not become lazy with the assist.

These kits are also becoming increasingly popular for touring, whether it be on the road or any of the growing range of cycle trails around the country. Now you have the options of riding normally without any assist, or setting a low level of assist to allow for the varying abilities of riding partners and switching on the assist for headwinds, uphills, etc. No longer do you need to be especially fit to enjoy cycling in the great outdoors. And if age, injury or disability would otherwise limit your options, again this assist kit can compensate for these impediments.

The 300W kits are road legal and require no registration or other formalities. We are also experimenting with more powerful and therefore faster assists, that take you bicycle to the legal status of a Moped, requiring extras such as indicators, a brake light and a one-off low annual registration cost. Enquire for more details.

The first illustraion shows just one one the many conversions we've made and gives an idea of just how unobtrusive
the Bafang addition can be. Whether your cycle is Utility, Commuter, Cargo, Cruiser, Fat, Gravel, Cross, MTB, Sport, Recumbent, Tandem, Tourer, Tricycle, etc. chances are we can offer an e-assist solution.
We discuss your riding style, distances and terrain to best match the kit with your requirements.

Also available with a 17.4Ah battery for additional range.

Contact us with questions or to arrange a demo ride


High torque 300w mid drive motor
easily configured nine power levels of assistance
Fits 68 to 73mm bottom bracket
LCD display with battery and trip data
36v, 470 watt hour “slide in, slide out” carrier battery with Samsung cells
USB port to charge lights, phone etc.
sleep function
battery protection system
Integrated controller with pedal start and throttle start
IP 67 waterproof connectors
range from 50km to 90km in pedal assist mode
assisted speeds up to 40km/h