Dia-Compe Grand Compe external cable Brakes Levers

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Colours:Satin Silver/Brown hoods


Dia Compe has re-introduced their lovely non-aero Grand Compe brake levers. You may remember thst "Grand Compe" was the designation for their top of the line components, like VO's Grand Cru or Shimano's Dura Ace. The levers have a smooth silver anodized finish and check out the neat adjusters with O-Rings.

The gum rubber brake hoods are replaceable in white and black, along with the original brown

We also sell the standard finish 204 version levers with a quick release


23.8mm handlebar clamp to suit nearly all racing-style drop handlebars and some flat/moustache bars
the cable pull ratio works with nearly all cable activated caliper, cantilever, mini-v and "road" disc brakes