Tektro 539 Caliper Brakes

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The Tektro R539AG is a very high quality, dual pivot brake with a reach of 47 to 57mm. From 2011 the brakes are compliant with Shimano's new road brake cable pull ratio. The R539AG is compatible with new Shimano Dura Ace 7900 levers, and backwards compatible with all other road brake levers on the market. They still retain re-fillable cartridge type brake shoes and barrel adjusters with O-rings. It features an updated quick release design that allowing it to open wide enough to accept really big tires.

We carry these in 2 versions- the modern recessed mount and the traditional nutted mount.

The finish is polished aluminum. The quality, finish, and performance of these brakes is far above what you would expect for the price. The price is for two, front and rear, brakes, or 'one bikes worth' as we are fond of saying around here. 


47-57mm reach - this size used to be designated standard-reach when sport and road racing bicycles had clearance for tyres up to around 32mm. With the prominence of today's close-clearance bicycles with 39 - 49m reach brakes, these brakes are now known as long-reach.